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Mental health first aid certificate for students


Mental health first aid certificate for students: MHFA India Courses

Have you ever wondered how you can recognize, understand, and support those facing mental health or substance use disorders? Our courses not only provide answers but empower you to make a real difference in the lives of others. Upon completing this accredited training, you also get a mental health first aid certificate.

How can you decrease stigma and address tough challenges surrounding mental health? What if you could obtain a mental health first aid certificate designed specifically for students? At MHFA India, we offer precisely that—an opportunity to gain practical insights and tools to become a pillar of support in your community.

Let's explore one key course, the S2- Students course, and explain what it offers and what you can expect.

Introduction to the Higher Education course

This course offers access to an internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid program tailored to the Indian context. It equips you with practical skills and knowledge that are applicable to everyday life situations (apart from the mental health first aid certificate.)

Upon successful completion of the course, you'll earn the esteemed title of a Certified Mental Health First Aider, joining a nationwide community dedicated to encouraging a positive mental health environment...everywhere.

It's essential to note that the course content aims to familiarise you with the MHFA program in India and enable you (as a trained MHFA individual) to apply these skills effectively. 

However, it's NOT a substitute for professional mental health advice.

In this course, students will learn how to offer initial support to peers experiencing mental health challenges until professional help arrives or the situation improves. 

You'll gain insights into recognising signs of common mental health issues, understanding available treatments, and supporting those in need.

The curriculum employs a practical, evidence-based action plan, teaching students how to initiate conversations with individuals they're concerned about and provide initial assistance and guidance. 

The goal is to encourage people to seek professional help or additional support.

In the end, you will get the mental health first aid certificate and become an MHFAider. 

However, we want to emphasise this even more. 

Through the internationally recognized Mental Health First Aid program (tailored for the Indian context), you'll gain practical skills that go beyond just earning a certificate.

It's about making positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you. You'll learn how to care for your mental health and support your loved ones in family and society. 

This course is a step towards creating a more understanding and compassionate community where mental health is prioritised, and everyone plays a role in building a positive environment.

This means that you will have the confidence and expertise to offer important and life-saving mental health support and information when it's most needed. 

There are 6 modules in total

In this course, you'll explore six modules, each diving into various mental health topics like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis, and substance use issues.

The modules feature interactive exercises and videos that offer insights into what it's like to experience these disorders. 

You'll also discover artwork created by individuals with these conditions, expressing their personal experiences.

Throughout these modules, you'll gain knowledge about:

  • Recognizing signs, symptoms, and effective interventions for each disorder.

  • Understanding the importance of early intervention.

  • Learning how to step in and provide support to a fellow student exhibiting symptoms of these conditions, using the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan.

Each module takes about 1 hour to complete, including additional reading time. You'll have the flexibility to save your progress and continue at your convenience.

Learning outcomes of this student course

After finishing this course, participants will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Identification: Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health issues in both students and adults.

  2. Communication: Use an evidence-based action plan to start conversations on mental health first aid confidently.

  3. Crisis response: Assess various crisis situations and offer initial support effectively.

  4. Understanding: Grasp the prevalence, impact, risk factors, treatments, and available support systems related to mental illnesses and disorders.

  5. Overcoming barriers: Comprehend barriers hindering help-seeking behaviours and learn strategies to overcome them.

  6. Self-care: Apply self-care practices (which are essential) for Mental Health First Aiders to maintain your wellbeing while providing support to others. Yes, you should know how to take care of yourself first so you can properly help others. 

    Why MHFA India?

MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) stands out for several reasons:

  1. Evidence-based approach: Rooted in guidelines shaped by input from individuals with lived experiences, caregivers, and mental health experts, ensuring credibility and relevance to the Indian population. 

  2. Rigorous evaluation: Continuous evaluations consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of MHFA training. It enhances participants' understanding of mental illnesses and their treatments and boosts confidence in providing crucial support which is proven with the mental health first aid certificate

  3. Skills-oriented training: Focuses on imparting practical skills, knowledge, and the confidence necessary to actively make a positive impact in mental health support.

  4. International recognition: With millions of individuals trained across 29 countries, MHFA is globally acknowledged. Its widespread adoption highlights its credibility and effectiveness in empowering communities to address mental health concerns.

Final words

In India, there's a notable lack of awareness surrounding mental health, leading to a low rate of people seeking professional help for mental illnesses. 

Understanding mental well-being and common mental health issues empowers communities to spot these concerns early, preventing them from escalating.

This course offers skills to identify and prevent mental health problems at the grassroots level. After all, quick access to professional help becomes possible when problems are spotted early within communities.

Studies consistently highlight the positive impact of MHFA training on students. Participants gain better knowledge about mental illnesses, treatments, and practical first-aid strategies.

MHFA courses are not just theoretical - they are tried, tested, and refined through real-world experiences. 

They equip you with the tools needed to support and assist those experiencing mental health challenges effectively.

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