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Mental Health First Aid Training Online For the Public


Mental Health First Aid Training Online For the Public: MHFA India

MHFA India offers Mental Health First Aid Training online for the general public, complementing our Workplace and Student courses.

This course is specifically designed to introduce you to the basics of mental health, understanding mental illnesses, and maintaining mental wellbeing. 

Given the challenging times we are living in these past few years, it's important for people to recognize the effects of mental health issues and equip themselves to offer support and early intervention.

Did you know that about one in every ten Indian adults faces common mental health issues in a year? It's quite a concerning statistic.

This alarming number emphasizes the importance of addressing mental health concerns... proactively!

And that's what this course is all about.

Why is this Mental Health First Aid training online important?

Well, because mental health problems are pretty common in India. 

Many of us may encounter someone facing mental health challenges, be caring for someone in recovery, or have experienced such challenges ourselves. The training provides valuable skills and knowledge to support individuals dealing with mental health concerns, making it an essential resource for our community.

These issues can affect how people feel, work, study, and interact with others. While some people can manage these problems with minimal impact on their daily lives, others might need (short or long-term) support.

The half-day webinar by MHFA India focuses on mental health awareness and is an instructor-led session. 

It's like a class that teaches you the basics: things like what mental health is, what affects it, the current mental health situation in India, laws related to mental health, common mental illnesses, their signs & symptoms, and how to help someone experiencing mental health issues.

The difference with other information you can find online is that MHFA courses are research-backed with a focus on the Indian community and population.

Not many people in India know a lot about mental health, which shows that only a few actually seek help from professionals. 

In India, there are also misconceptions about mental health, making it hard for people to seek help even when they wish to or need to. Some of these misconceptions create barriers and stigmas around mental health issues. People might fear judgment or discrimination, preventing them from reaching out for support. 

But if more people understand mental wellbeing and the common issues, it can help catch these problems early on. 

When we spot these problems early, we can stop them from getting worse. 

Learning these skills can help communities identify mental health issues and get help for someone who needs it quickly.

What this Public course covers

Here's a simplified explanation of what this Mental Health First Aid training online includes:

  • In this course, you'll learn about the common signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges. 

  • You'll also discover how to help someone in a crisis and connect them with support.

  • There's also a focus on understanding trauma, substance use, and how to take care of yourself while helping others.

The course teaches a plan called ALGEE, which stands for: 

  • Assess for risk,

  • Listen without judging, 

  • Give reassurance and information, 

  • Encourage professional help, and 

  • Encourage self-help and support strategies.

There are five main parts to this course:

  1. Introduction to Mental Health First Aid (and understanding mental illness in India specifically.)

  2. Learning about Depressive Disorders.

  3. Understanding Anxiety Disorders.

  4. Exploring Psychosis.

  5. Studying Substance Use Disorders.

Before starting, participants take a test about mental health knowledge anonymously to see what they already know. After finishing the modules, there's another test to see how much the mental health first aid training online has helped improve understanding.

(All this information is kept private and is only used for research. We simply want to learn how this training affects what people know about mental health.)

Learning shouldn't be boring, especially when we're talking about such important topics. 

That's why, throughout the course, you'll engage in different learning activities. These include interactive exercises to participate in, audio messages and videos featuring the Founder of MHFA Australia and India.

Also, you'll have the opportunity to view artwork created by individuals living with mental illness, which serves as a way for them to express their personal experiences (which may help resonate with what they feel.)

At the end of each module, there will be a short quiz. You'll need to answer some of the questions correctly to move on to the next module. This helps reinforce what you've learned before advancing to the next part of the course. 

However, you can take the quiz as many times as you like.

How this MHFA Public course can help

  1. Addressing common mental health concerns: It focuses on the typical mental health issues faced by adults, offering insights and guidance on how to manage these concerns.

  2. Reducing stigma: By increasing understanding and awareness of mental health challenges, the course aims to reduce the stigma often associated with these issues.

  3. Teaching recognition and support strategies: Participants learn how to identify signs and symptoms of mental health or substance use challenges. They also gain skills to offer support to family, friends, or peers who might be experiencing these challenges.

  4. Offering self-help strategies: The course equips individuals with self-help techniques to maintain good mental health.

To access the mental health first aid training online, participants will log in using their credentials on the MHFA India website, accessing the Learning Management System (LMS).

The online eLearning component allows you to learn at your own pace and typically takes about 5 to 7 hours to complete. This flexibility enables you to engage with the material comfortably within your own time frame. 

If you want to become certified, it’s important to attend 2 live sessions, each lasting three hours. These sessions will be led by an MHFA instructor who will offer additional information and provide a platform for asking questions if necessary. 

The instructor ensures that participants understand the real role of Mental Health First Aiders, and there is an opportunity for practical role-playing to enhance their skills in real-life scenarios. This interactive component plays a crucial role in the certification process, ensuring thorough comprehension and preparation for effectively fulfilling the role of a Mental Health First Aider.

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