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Blende MHFA WP WB Gr1

The MHFA course will teach your team to identify mental health problems by picking up the signs & symptoms shown by a person. It will help an MHFAider to approach the person confidently and carry out a non-judgmental conversation with them and provide initial support to avoid mental illnesses or crises. This is Component 2 of the Course- MHFA India Instructor-Led videoconferencing sessions.

Course dates

11-02-2022 - 18-02-2022
Course Type : Regular
Registration Status : Open
Max Participants : 20
Cost : ₹0 *Inclusive of GST

Sessions Dates & Times

Live Sessions Time 10.00 am - 13.00 pm


chennai 600002
Tamil Nadu

Instructor's Name


Co Facilitator's Name

Megha Gore