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Self care at workplace:

Self care at workplace:


Self care isn’t just a duty or an exercise to be completed in a day. It is an intention to stay connected with one’s self. It can be a personal mission depending on the personality of the person. Self care cannot be an exhaustive list due to this, here are some pointers to some good self care habits to be followed at the workplace.


  1. Taking a break: Often underestimated, but taking small breaks from work can refresh your body and mind. Commitment to taking breaks is more important than the act.
  2. Attach value to time, money and resources: Distractions at work can deviate us from achieving our goals. Allocate separate time for distracting activities at work such as queries from colleagues, referencing activities etc. Prioritize your tasks. Self care means honouring the value, impact and contribution you bring.
  3. Take a victory lap: Focus on successful things too. Take a look back in the past and see what achievements you made to draw inspiration from.
  4. Surround yourself with good people: Set boundaries with negative people at work and invest more with inspiring people at work.
  5. Work desk Workplace: Keep your workplace with photos. objects, quotes that inspire you. Keep the place hygienic, organised, well ventilated and easy to move around. Your workplace should feel like a reflection of your best self. 
  6. Recharge and reboot: Whenever you find your energy levels are low, take time to refresh yourself. Get an extra hour of sleep or take a day off to do inspiring activities.
  7. Self management: It is important to keep up a professional and competent persona but do not try to overdo it as it can lead to exhaustion.
  8. Get moving: Sedentary jobs can have long term effects on health. Even simple activities like fetching water, taking a walk around the office building can be highly beneficial.
  9. Switching gears: Take mental breaks if you can’t take physical breaks. Activities like reading a chapter in a book, doodling, journaling can all help in taking a break.
  10. Meditate and breathe: Lots of apps are available now to practice mindfulness and meditation. Short periods of meditation from 3 minutes to 2 hour long sessions can be practiced. 
  11. Interact with colleagues and find / form groups with similar interests. These groups can be ones that can enhance your hobbies or interests. Sport clubs or game clubs are also helpful in recharging yourself.
  12. Ask for help: Asking for help is as important as offering help. Reach out to people who matter to you the most.


Self care at home:


Even though lots of time is spent at work, self care at home is also important for people who spend longer time at home. Remember that self care is an ongoing process and not to be practiced for just one time. Take care to do some tiny self care activities that can bring a huge impact in your life. 


  1. Fix small things: Whether it is a button missing from a shirt, or a bulb that needs to be replaced, do the activity to gain some satisfaction.
  2. Be selfish: In a good way. Whether it is reading a book from cover to cover or cooking your favourite dish, engage in activity that makes you happy.
  3. Organising your social media: Find out the negative people and trolls in your social media and mute them. 
  4. Unplug: Try to go into offline mode from your devices for a short time everyday. It may be tough initially, but the benefits from the activity is immense.
  5. Develop a new habit: It can be anything like listening to a podcast or practicing a new craft. Developing and practicing a new habit can be very refreshing.
  6. Help someone: It may be a neighbour or a random person, but a small act of kindness can go a long way.
  7. Give positive feedback: Tell someone important in your life why you value them so much. This not only helps in building relationships but also helps to increase positivity in you.
  8. Get rid of the clutter: A cluttered place brings chaos to the mind. Take some time to clean up your place and order things the way you want.
  9. Change your criticism: We all do this. When something goes wrong we blame it all on ourselves. But try some constructive criticism on yourself instead of tearing yourself apart. 


Self care habits are unique for everyone depending on their interests and hobbies. However, developing a self care plan is important for one to maintain good mental health, which is the most important outcome. Develop a self care plan for yourself today, follow it up and motivate others around you as well!


Self care at workplace:
27 Feb 2020