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Student suicides happen across government and non-government higher educational institutions. This shows that the problem of student suicides is not a matter of a specific economical or class group. Therefore, actions need to be taken across and in an organised way. Existing guidelines from Central Government need to be applied across.

State governments are requested to consider the 12 measures suggested by Justice Roopanwal Commission of Enquiry for higher education which can easily extend and can be adjusted for colleges and universities.  Presence of counsellors, therapist, mentors and education sessions among students and staff are few to mention as guidelines. It is up to the State Government to enforce the same and assure implementation across in the private and public higher educational institutions.

Human life is a great gift and it is in our hands to realize its value. A student who is given the right opportunities has all the chances of making himself as well as the nation proud. Educational institutions have the power to bring positive change of making the Campuses Mental Health friendly and help students realize their dreams come true.

01 Aug 2019