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Ram Charan is a multi-business group with interests in Chemicals, Plastics, Education, Food and Logistics and is running across the country for 62 years. We have a staff of 150 employees coming from different background and culture. We consider our staff an asset and as such have made our efforts to ease and support them in difficult days and keep them close till things sorts out. We have staff who are with us for 40 years and that makes us feel proud and part of a caring family.

With business expanding and complexity of life, mental health problems at work places have become a challenge and they need to be addressed promptly and constructively. A Wall Street Journal report from 2016 found that Indian millennials spend more time at work than their counterparts in 25 other countries — an average of 52 hours a week. Problems related to family, finance, physical illnesses are easy to be reported but emotional and mental health problems are never being reported unless become to visible. For us as managers too, it is difficult to talk about them and very challenging to help address it.  How can we help our staff wellbeing?  

We as managers can lead the change. It is important for us to understand mental health problems and make them part of the companies’ agenda and policies. This will help pave the road towards a more open conversation on mental health solutions.

We as managers can support staff to increase knowledge on mental health in an effective way. Employee wellbeing initiatives can motive participation of staff on quality mental health education program to increase self-care on mental health and ability to seek help at early stages.

Ram Charan has made Mental Health part of 2019 priority agenda for the wellbeing of our staff. Mental Health First Aid program is helping us in understanding more about mental health and its challenges.

01 Oct 2018