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How Do I Cope with My CORONA Virus Anxiety ?

The Corona Virus pandemic has shaken the world to a stop. Quite literally. Lockdown, Shutdown, Social Distancing, Quarantine, Isolation are the latest buzzwords. The pandemic has caused mortality and morbidity in huge numbers. It has also impacted us emotionally. Upheaval, Fear, Anger, Worry are some of the emotions that people experience. Vulnerability to falling ill and uncertainty with respect to work, life, jobs, is the blanket reality of the present. This can make anyone anxious and upset.

It is common to hear statements like  “How long will this go on? What will happen? It’s out of control”.

The reality is, you are in control. You can :

  • Avoid getting Infected.
  • Manage your stress
  • Focus on what you can control

These are some general tips to cope with Anxieties related to the current situation:

  • Stay Informed without obsessively checking news & updates.
  • Focus on what you can control – eg., your work, your schedule, your activities.
  • Write down your specific worries & a concrete action plan to handle them. Draw out a plan.
  • Stay connected with family & friends even if you are physically isolated.
  • Get good sleep & exercise. Build a new routine.
  • Try to learn something or do something you always wanted to do like reading,  cooking, baking.
  • Help Others eg: speak to any elderly neighbours or relatives.
  • Have Faith in the efforts being made by scientists, Governments, etc.
  • Follow what has worked in the past for you to cope, in anxious times. Eg., offering prayers.


29 Apr 2020