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For many of us, getting locked down for a month and more during a serious pandemic is a first time experience. More than the stress of losing social connections, we also have additional stressors of losing our daily routine, fear and confusion regarding the immediate future and financial insecurity. So during this time of chaos and confusion how do we maintain a sense of normalcy?

To start with, we can map a new routine for ourselves. All these days we had an active social life, going to work and coming home. But during the lockdown our movements outside are severely restricted. We also change our daily routines since we are no longer compelled by time limits. It is always good to remind ourselves that this is only temporary and sketch a new routine for this short time, one that will balance our ‘work from home’ duties with that of our personal life. We should also remember that as humans we are used to social cohesion and cutting away from it will affect our minds. The mental effects can last well beyond the pandemic itself. So, it is important to keep ourselves socially active by interacting with our friends, family and neighbours. Technology like video calls, social media apps keep us together closer even while practicing physical distancing. Finally, to keep a calm mind it is good to practice meditation or yoga. It helps us to relieve the stress of balancing work and life that some of us may experience during this tough time.

Is that all?

Yes, Prashanth asked for a 100-150 word document for the COID page of MHFA, so I wrote this.

ok . thats ok . Pls lets do articles that can come out on news paper. Pls prioritize accordingly.

06 May 2020