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How to improve your mental health


Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Only when the mind and the body work together in harmony a human being can function as a productive member of society. But in today’s fast paced world we care less about our own bodies and care even lesser about our minds. Isn’t it time for us to care equally about our mental health too? Let us look at some of the ways through which we can improve our mental health.

One of the important ways to improve our mental health is by taking good care of our physical health.

Doing light exercises everyday has proven to be beneficial for maintaining good mental health. Since physical illnesses can lead to depression and stress it is important to maintain good physical health too.

Sleep is often underrated as one of the important ingredients to an active day. Lesser sleep or bad sleep hygiene can result in higher stress levels which will result in overall deterioration in health.

Hobbies are often overlooked these days as technology has replaced most of our hobbies in digital form. Even raising pets is done digitally and promoted as an activity to develop habits.

However, it is always possible to break away from the digital shackles and engage in creative hobbies like painting, gardening, photography, drawing etc.


Educating yourself on mental health to be prepared on how to recognize  signs and symptoms and know how to help others and yourself.


Let’s invest quality time in maintaining our mental health and keep up good mental health always!

05 May 2020