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The period of staying in during the lockdown period can test people’s patience and endurance – accepting & following the restrictions to their movement & activities. It is important to understand the purpose behind the  measures taken  by the Government/  These are some of the things we could resolve to do to combat the feeling of ‘unproductiveness’ due to the restrictions.

  • Declutter  / clean up something you have been wanting to.(Eg., a cupboard) It can feel very relieving.
  • Set a new routine to structure your day & feel more purposeful & productive .
  • Make a list of things to do & set a plan for a week. Plan each day’s activity.
  • Adding a bit of work daily, to a larger project.
  • List out the number of things you did each day. Allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Set alarms & deadlines for each activity.
  • Debrief at the end of a day. Recognize the emotions that you experienced each day and try to understand what made you feel so.
  • Tell yourself that your current state of being housebound is because you are a law abiding citizen.  You are contributing to need of the hour by staying in.  Resolve to respect the rules.
  • Relate to your family members with courtesy, love & tenderness. Experience the sense of belonging & support you get back.
  • Resolve to make this period of staying in a  pleasant one. Indulge in a physical game or activity that will allow you to be distracted from the mundane routine. Laugh.


Let’s resolve to beat the pandemic blues with these simple ideas!




06 May 2020