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Learning to find ways to help us engaged and keep us relaxed during this lockdown period is very important for us to be mentally and physically healthy. There are random internet things which can help you recenter, feel soothed and find some joy at your stressful hours.

Listen to positive news/information: Apart from the 24X7 news on Covid-19 and its dreadful effects, internet gives you a lot of positive notes on lives of people, in their fight with adversities. It can be scenarios like people learning to be together, strengthening their relationships, strengthening their love and support for each other, gaining more courage to fight back and many more. These are truly inspiring and helps you to find a better meaning of your own lives!

Watch on the beauty and music of Nature: There are studies which show that even looking at pictures and videos on nature can enhance your health and happiness. It can be of a waterfall, rain, wind, ocean waves, or any such soothing activity of nature. Just take a break and relax with it. Even though the effects may not be the same as that of a personal experience, it surely has some positive benefits.

Learn some relaxation techniques: There are various sites that helps you in learning new techniques creatively as well as entertain you. For example, helping you to follow a correct breathing technique with the help of pictures or animations. You can also follow videos that guide you through meditation, or yoga which are not only relaxing but useful as well, for your physical and mental health.

Unleash your creativities: If you have any special talents like singing, dancing, painting, cooking, playing instruments, writing, acting, in academics or any such creativity within you that can amuse and engage people, this is the right time for you to uncheck them and reach out through a variety of social media platforms that provides you the opportunity. This will make your breaks engaging and boosts your confidence as you will become more visible socially. There are also various apps that keeps you engaged, for making creative arts, coloring, painting, entertainment through games etc.

Engage sometime with the animals/birds you love: If you are pet lover, but do not have one, just browse some random videos and pictures of life around birds and other animals of your interest. This can keep you engaged and make you feel happy and relaxed.

Listen to music: Music has a healing power. Innumerous videos with natural soothing music are available online and spending some time on it or the music that you love, can be greatly relaxing.  

Learn new skills and techniques: You can also spend your time effectively by upgrading yourselves with new skills and techniques using various learning apps.

These are some of the things, and you can find much more in the internet that can help you make your days more interesting and engaging. This can help both children and adults alike to make use of their long holidays more productively. Let this isolation period be a time for you to learn more about yourself and connect better with your loved ones. Technology is out there to help you again to stay connected. Stay safe and healthy both physically and mentally.

06 May 2020