MHFA Instructor Courses

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  • Evidence based

  • Accredited

Certificate - Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Licensed by MHFA International


The instructor is the key to MHFA training. The instructor's prime responsibility is to provide MHFA courses with fidelity, following the approved structure ethically and respectfully. Thus, the Instructor Course calls for intensive training and developing competency, and the instructor has a good sense of community belongingness. Training helps in the background for the instructor to enhance the sense of care and well-informed experience training in the different communities in society, namely the workplace, public, and educational institutions.

As an MHFA instructor, you will be able to:

  • Equipping quality knowledge among the population you'll train
  • Practical skills on how to carry a supportive conversation on mental health following an evidence-based Action Plan
  • The right information in talking, promoting, and accessing appropriate professional help and resources
  • Confidence in supporting someone experiencing a mental health problem or crisis
  • Ensuring mental wellness among the employees, students, faculty, and public


  • Face-to-face instructor training for SMHFA is delivered as a 40-hour course over five days, with an additional 10 hours of independent self-learning post-training.
  • A blended version of training for SMHFA comprises a minimum of 40 hours of a combination of self-learning and virtual sessions. An additional 10 hours of self-learning are required post-training.
  • All training is led by MHFA National Instructor
  • Upon completion of training, instructors are required to shadow a senior MHFA instructor for a minimum of one session.


As part of the training, you will receive:

  • Introduction to 12-hours SMHFA
  • Methods to deliver the MHFA program to suit diverse learning styles of people
  • A trainer kit to deliver MHFA courses
  • Opportunity to run mock sessions while being mentored by senior instructors
  • Build your confidence and presentation skills to deliver the SMHFA
  • Ways to promote and deliver the training effectively

The Suicide Prevention and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury First Aid Instructor course is a 16-hour course over 2 days delivered through an instructor-led live session.

Training Fee

Contact MHFA India for further details.


  • Knowledge of mental health problems and their respective approaches
  • Personal or professional experience in the mental health field
  • A balanced attitude towards people with mental health problems
  • Enthusiasm to deliver MHFA courses
  • Must have training experience
  • Excellent communication skills and a good group facilitation command
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • A proven record of good conduct in the community and workplace
  • Understanding that the role of MHFA instructor does not come into conflict with the roles of your professional and personal commitments
  • Dedicated time to planning, promoting, and delivering the course successfully.
  • Very good command of the English language
  • The potential candidate should be residing and working in India

Process Of Evaluation & Approval

  • After receiving the application form, MHFA India will assess the same as per the mentioned criteria above
  • The shortlisted candidates will be informed about their online interview with the MHFA India team
  • Successful candidates will be informed via email about their acceptance for participation in the course
  • Your seat will be confirmed upon receipt of the Course fee Prepayment

Types Of MHFA Instructor Course

Courses offered Format Hours Certificate
Instructor: MHFA Standard Course Face to Face 40+10 hours
5 days of classroom sessions
Accredited MHFA Instructor
Instructor: MHFA Blended Course for Public Blended 40+10 hours
Self-learning + live virtual sessions
Accredited MHFA Instructor
Instructor MHFA Blended Course for Workplace Face to Face 40+10 hours
Self-learning + live virtual sessions
Accredited MHFA Instructor
Instructor, MHFA Blended Course for Higher Education Blended 40+10 hours
Self-learning + live virtual sessions
Accredited MHFA Instructor
Instructor MHFA for Suicide Prevention and NSSI Face-to-face blended 12 +5 hours Accredited MHFA Instructor
Instructor MHFA for Refresher Course Online 6 hours Accredited MHFA Instructor

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