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Act Today – Talk Mental Health at your campus 

We need to talk Mental Health because it is as important as physical health. Talking in general about mental health avoiding naming it does not help address the problems. Stigma, myths, and fear of talking mental health can be reduced with appropriate knowledge about it. “Talking” mental health can lead to reduction of invisible & large barriers which will help the students and staff to:

  • Feel supported and secure.
  • Initiate a conversation about their mental health problems.

Start the Mental Health First Aid training for students and staff today

Mental Health First Aid training is a 12-hour evidence based training program which teaches students about common mental health problems such as Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use Disorders and Self-Harm.

  • Participants will gain knowledge on the signs and symptoms of a cluster of mental health problems.
  • Trained MHFAiders get the skills to intervene early and listen non judgmentally to their peers.
  • Several hands-on components teach how to identify mental health problems early, how to approach, and guide for appropriate help.
  • MHFAiders can better understand and manage their own mental health.
  • MHFAiders can take the free online Accreditation Test which is valid for three years and play the role of MHFA Buddies.
  • Accredited Mental Health First Aider is an additional skill that can be added to your resume.

Role of MHFA Buddies

  • Provide mental health first aid within their campus
  • Escalate any matters if required in a prompt and appropriate fashion according to the Institutional Policies and procedures.

Top universities across the world have MHFA training as part of their wellbeing initiatives.

Join this elite listing and be among the first Educational Institutes in the country to build a Healthy Campus

     Learn More on Standard MHFA Course     

To get more information on how to bring the Mental Health First Aid training at your College/University, download the brochure or reach to our team at 7397383004 or write to us at

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