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Standard MHFA

Standardized, Evidence-based, Accredited
Certificate -Certified Mental Health First Aider
Accreditation - Accredited Mental Health First Aider valid for 3 years

Licensed by MHFA International


The course equips you with an evidence-based action plan to recognise, understand and respond to people experiencing a mental health problem or crisis in the workplaces and communities. This course is based on guidelines developed through the expert consensus of people with lived experience of mental health problems and professionals.

With the training, you can:

  • Intervene early: Recognise the warning signs of mental health problems in other adults
  • Gain skills: Get the skills needed to speak openly and accurately about mental health
  • Respond in a crisis: Respond across a range of crises where an adult may be at risk of harm
  • Reduce stigma: Reduce stigma and increase support for those experiencing and living with mental health problems

Format- Face to Face

  • Face-to-face training is delivered as a 12-hour course over Two days led by 1-2 accredited MHFA Instructor/s.
  • Accreditation test can be accessed which is valid for 3 years
  • The session limits a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 20 learners in a batch.
  • Every session builds for the next learning sessions and complete participation is necessary


As part of the training, you receive:

  • A hard copy of the MHFA manual 4th Edition to support their learning throughout the course
  • A digital MHFAider Certificate
  • The opportunity to be part of the fastest-growing MHFAider community in India


    The course is run all over India and is available to any adult:

Training Fee

The value of MHFA training is 25,000 + GST. Check the Training Calendar for public courses to find an open course. Training fees may vary from one instructor to another. MHFA India does not employ MHFA instructors and they can set their price.

Course Structure

Session 1 Session 2
  • Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • What influences mental health? Mental Health First Aid ? and the Action Plan
  • The MHFAider role
  • Barriers, Stigma, and Language
  • Applying the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan
  • What is depression and BPD?
  • What is suicide?
  • depression?
  • Practical session
Session 3 Session 4
  • What is anxiety? Crisis MHFA
  • What is psychosis? First aid role - practical session
  • First aid handling psychotic crises and illnesses
  • First aid in substance misuse
  • First aid in crisis
  • First aid role -practical session
  • My self-care plan

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