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    Educating Public on Mental Health
  • Coping with COVID- 19
    Resources to support your mental health during COVID- 19
  • Not Talking “Mental Health” Leads to Invisible and Large
    Barriers to Seeking Help
  • Education and Early Intervention Helps in Preventing
    Mental Health Problems
    Turn to Crises
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    SMHFA Course in your
  • 1 in 10 people in India experience a mental health problem!
    Learn to Identify, Understand & Respond
    With the Right Knowledge and Skills

The standard MHFA course is now available 100% online for workplaces. You must Enroll or Log in here to attend the Online component of the Blended version

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Instructors are an integral part of MHFA. Become one to Educate Your Community on Mental Health
Build a Responsive Campus to Address Mental Health Problems among Students and Staff
Address Mental Health Problems at Your Workplace by investing in Education and Early Intervention

Mental Health First Aid is an international evidence based training that has proven to have large impact in reduction of stigma, and bring positive attitudes towards mental health among public




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Mental Health First Aid India is the only licenced body to manage and deliver the Standard Mental Health First Aid training and Instructors training in India.

Mental Health problems are more common than we think! 1 in 10 Indian experience a mental health problem in life and 1 in 20 suffers from Depression (NMHS 2016). Just like physical illnesses, mental health problems have a huge impact on our lives. The concept of Mental Health First Aid is that, people should learn how to perform basic ‘first aid’ for those showing signs of mental health distress, just as they learn first aid for physical conditions.

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