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It is concerning to note that approximately 15% of working-age adults are estimated to have a mental disorder at any given time. Common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety have a significant global economic impact, costing the US $1 trillion annually, primarily due to lost productivity. In India, research indicates that every second person in the workforce reports experiencing depression or anxiety. Additionally, about 80% of individuals facing mental health problems do not seek out support.

The increasing concern about the impact of mental health problems has made it a global priority. Organized groups, such as workplaces and educational institutions, have a crucial role to play in leading conversations and taking action on mental health and illness to bring about positive change.

Many corporations have recognized this responsibility and are actively engaging with MHFA programs. Their motivation stems from the desire to create mentally and physically safe spaces, which, in turn, contribute to building healthy and sustainable businesses. By fostering a culture of support and understanding, workplaces can contribute to improved employee mental health, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Why choose our First Aid Mental Health Courses?

Based on evidence

Built on research with input from people with lived experiences of mental health. Approved by


Effective intervention

A meta-analysis informs us that MHFA increases knowledge about mental health, decreases negative attitudes, and increases supportive behavior

Relevant curriculum

Acculturated for the Indian situation and specifically tailored for organisations

Simple and practical

Simple language with practical scenarios from work contexts on how to use this knowledge in your work setting

Safe and ethically delivered

Well-equipped trainers who teach the right amount in an ethical way

Train your team from anywhere

Choose from virtual or face-to-face courses

Benefits to the organisations 

A community of first responders who are well-equipped to provide safe and appropriate support at early stages.

Early identification action and an early help-seeking attitude are more effective than treating illnesses.

The flexibility to scale knowledge across different teams and branches.

First aiders gain ownership and become a driving force behind mental well-being initiatives.

Six years of expertise in training organizations on mental health that demonstrates the depth of knowledge, practical experience, and ability to make a positive impact in creating mentally healthy organisations

We continue to work with more than 100 corporates across industries like IT, finance, retail, manufacturing, education, BPO, pharma, consultancy, engineering, etc.

The Sole Licensed Provider in India for MHFA training for workplaces

MHFA India is the only authorised provider of Mental Health First Aid Training at Workplaces in India, Licensed by MHFA International, Australia.

The Impact of MHFA in India

Better mental health for all!

The following representation is an extract of a few questions from the Mental Health Literacy Test, which is used to assess the impact of Mental Health First Aid training. This test is administered both before and after individuals complete the Standard Mental Health First Aid courses. The test aims to measure participants' knowledge and understanding of mental health topics. By comparing pre- and post-training results, the effectiveness of the training in improving mental health literacy can be evaluated.

Capacity to recognise correctly the sign and symptoms

Confidence on where to seek
help for mental illness

Confidence to provide support

According to participants' feedback, 99% Reported confidence and skills to provide information and support to someone experiencing mental health distress post-training.

* Literacy test on Mental Health 2022 report  MHFA India

* Participants Feedback report 2022 report for MHFA India

Building empathetic communities starts with you!

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Mental Health First Aid India Recognition Program

What Our Learners Are Saying

Read the notes left from MHFA India Learners on their experience.

  • It has given me a fresh perspective on MH and also given me tools to help those who are affected by overcome it.


    Air Asia


  • It is truly an eye - opener from the common words that we use commonly and look at mental health without any judgements.



    Arjun Arun

  • It was completely a new learning for me. I wish to do more advanced certification.



    Rakesh Tripathi

  • An eye - opening session that helped me understand how important mental health is.



    Rojashree Maitra

  • I am more confident that I understand this topic better and, have become more empathetic and willing to help.



    Sushree Suman

  • Overall, very useful course, not only in the
    office but even in day-to- day life.



    Vrushali Kulkarni

  • The instructor has a unique style of presenting the case
    studies and cascading down to each and every step diligently.




  • The instructor has covered all the relevant topics, and she made the session more effective with live role plays. She was very
    composed and calm, and she never hesitated to give real-life examples.



    Rakesh Tripathi

  • The instructor created a
    very conducive environment for
    learning and training.
    She facilitated very frank
    discussions that were
    very educational.


    Air Asia

    Anurag Sharma

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