Mentoring And Expertise

MHFA India believes in forming a long relationship with its trainees and clients

We offer support services that you could choose from, or we tailor-make them based on your organisational needs.

By subscribing to our mentoring services, your organisation will be allotted a mentor who will guide and shadow the activities of your MHFAiders and Officers.

The mentor will be available to provide online support during work hours only.

How can Personal Mentoring aid your workplace?

  • Mentors MHFAiders to increase their level of skill acquisition
  • Helps MHFAiders to forego their anxiety to face novel situations on mental health problems
  • Encourages MHFAiders to put their skills to use
  • One-on-one guidance to resolve queries
  • Enhances technique to keep them safe during the initial stages of practicing first aid
  • Minimum of 20 hours spread in a 6-month to 12-month period.
  • One-to-one activity
  • 60 to 90 minutes /session
  • 60 to 90 minutes /session

When taking up the course on Mental Health First Aid, a trainee is allowed to learn and try their freshly acquired skills to apply ALGEE. But it takes practice and guidance to become good at what we already do and be able to perform it autonomously.

By opting for our ALGEE practice sessions, active MHFAiders will be allowed to put their skills to active use to be able to build the level of confidence and mastery to use them independently with another senior MHFAider.

Benefits of ALGEE Practise at your workplace?

  • Encourages active MHFAiders to regularly put their skills to use
  • Helps to implement a mental health safe space at the workplace
  • Builds confidence to equip MHFAider skills
  • Improves the efficiency of Mental Health First Aid
    • Spread in a 6-month to 12-month period.
    • Group activity with 16-20 members only
    • Minimum 2.5 hours of practice for each batch.
    • Mode : In person

MHFA Implementation support for organisation

Took up our training on Mental Health First Aid for your organisation but are now interested to implement MHFA practices integrated into your organisational system and culture

By opting for our support services, MHFA India will offer complete and comprehensive support to be able to implement policies and practices that can actively encourage a culture of mental health-friendly practices and enhance the impact of MHFAiders at your workplace. You can also download our free implementation guide by clicking here.

MHFA Refresher Course

When the Accredited MHFAinders complete three years, they are eligible to renew their accreditation by taking a short half-day Refresher course. On the other hand, the Certified MHFAider is recommended that at the end of three years take up the full 12 hours of standard training again.

How can MHFA? India Refresher course aid your workplace?

  • Helps to strengthen and level up existing skills of MHFAiders
  • How can the MHFA Does India Refresher course aid your workplace

This is a paid service offered and as a company, you can book a private course or as an individual enroll in the Public Calendar to book the seat.

MHFA India takes an interest in keeping its MHFAider community active and updated. We regularly organise Guest Speaker Sessions to enhance knowledge and skills in mental health.

The Calendar of Sessions will be posted in the Forum and informed to your organisation.

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