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“Everyone can take a step to become part of the largest Change Making Initiative in Mental Health in the Country, Mental Health First Aid Program.”

MHFA India is an international organization which strives to educate the public about the importance of mental health. Our aim is to make our communities better by reaching them with positive messages on mental health. This we try to do by focusing our best efforts on every aspect of mental health.

Associating with MHFA gives an opportunity for you to learn something new everyday and grow your knowledge not only in your area of expertise but also in mental health. You get an opportunity to interact with international faculty experienced in many topics on mental health. Gaining the knowledge on MHFA gives you a chance to know more about your mental health and build the skills to maintain a better mental health status. Working with MHFA also gives you a moral fulfillment of being part of a bigger, better change in society. By joining MHFA, you will be contributing to our overall mission of making every citizen mental health aware.

You can contribute to MHFA India’s journey in multiple ways. You can choose to intern with us, volunteer with us or work with us. We will be updating this page with our requirements as and when possible. Continue scrolling down to check out more information on opportunities available right now!

Intern with us

We welcome students in any field who is interested in learning and contributing on mental health to experience internship at MHFA India. Students can approach with approval of their concerned department.

Contact us @ 7397383004

Volunteer with us

You can volunteer with the MHFA India team and help us in our activities, organising informative sessions, help with research, media, articles etc. Who knows! You may make a career out of it!

Contact us @ 7397383004

Work with us

We love to have as part of our team, people who enjoy talking and promoting Mental Health. Look at this section for Vacancy Announcements or Share with us your resume on

Who Can Benefit


  • General Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Emergency staff
  • Students & Staff
  • Staff and managers at work places
  • Legal Professionals
  • Police Force
  • Military Forces
  • Prison staff and inmates 
  • Community Leaders
  • Sports persons
  • Reiki and Alternative Healing practitioners
  • Faith healer
  • Financial Counsellor
  • Policy makers