Why Choose Mental Health First Aid® India?

Mental health costs Indian businesses 14 million USD annually. Leaders are recognising the negative impact of poor mental health on their business and society at large.  As a leader, you care for your business and for the people you work with, therefore making mental health part of your personal and business agenda becomes paramount.

Providing your team with access to quality care is not enough to mitigate the impact of poor mental health. Beliefs, social exposure and stigma, lack of knowledge on mental health, and help negation are some of the invisible barriers that keep your staff members from reaching out for help or talking about mental health.

Quality education on mental health is a powerful tool to equip your team members with the right set of knowledge and build positive attitudes and helpful behavior towards mental health and illnesses. Mental Health Literacy - a term coined by Professor Anthony Francis Jorm - the founder of the MHFA™ program, is proven to be built through standardized Mental Health First Aid programs.  

What Science Suggests

“Training managers to support their workers’ mental health should be delivered to improve managers’ knowledge, attitudes and behavior for mental health and to improve workers’ help-seeking behavior.”

“Attention should be paid to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training before delivering it to managers.”

World Health Organisation - Guidelines of Mental Health at Work, 2022

“Protect and promote mental health at work, especially through training and interventions that improve mental health literacy, strengthen skills to recognize and act on mental health conditions at work, and empower workers to seek support.”

International Labour Organisation, WHO - Mental Health at Work: Policy Brief, 2022

WHAT MHFA™ Evaluation says

MHFA™ program is evidence-based, evidence-informed, and rigorously updated

“The results demonstrate that MHFA™ increases participants’ knowledge regarding mental health, decreases their negative attitudes, and increases supportive behavior toward individuals with mental health problems. The MHFA™ program appears recommendable for public health action.”

Systematic review and meta-analysis of Mental Health First Aid® training

Effects on knowledge, stigma, and helping behavior 2018

With MHFA™ India, you can

  • Train your managers and team

    Through various evidence-based and well-researched MHFA™ programs.

  • Get support for MHFAiders®

    To initiate the application of first aid skills at your organization right after the learning.

  • Be a part of the MHFAiders® community

    For support and updated resources to maintain and enhance first-aiders’ knowledge and skills.

Improve your organisation preventive actions on poor mental health with MHFA Officers

MHFA™ Officers are Accredited MHFAiders® appointed to offer Mental Health First Aid® in an organisation. These officers are trained to provide initial informal contact, assistance, and referrals to employees in the workplace.

Benefits of appointing MHFA™ Officers

Improve workplace culture

MHFA™ Officers strengthen a supportive workplace culture. They help organisations demonstrate that it cares about the well-being of their staff. This results in better cohesion and retention.

Increases support

MHFA™ Officers encourage the staff to speak openly about mental health and also provide timely support to them. They are also able to facilitate early intervention.

Add on to existing services

MHFA™ Officers work with existing workplace support like current employee assistance programs and encourage the staff to maximize its use.

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What Our Learners Are Saying

Read the notes left from MHFA India Learners on their experience.

  • It has given me a fresh perspective on MH and also given me tools to help those who are affected by overcome it.


    Air Asia


  • It is truly an eye - opener from the common words that we use commonly and look at mental health without any judgements.



    Arjun Arun

  • It was completely a new learning for me. I wish to do more advanced certification.



    Rakesh Tripathi

  • An eye - opening session that helped me understand how important mental health is.



    Rojashree Maitra

  • I am more confident that I understand this topic better and, have become more empathetic and willing to help.



    Sushree Suman

  • Overall, very useful course, not only in the
    office but even in day-to- day life.



    Vrushali Kulkarni

  • The instructor has a unique style of presenting the case
    studies and cascading down to each and every step diligently.




  • The instructor has covered all the relevant topics, and she made the session more effective with live role plays. She was very
    composed and calm, and she never hesitated to give real-life examples.



    Rakesh Tripathi

  • The instructor created a
    very conducive environment for
    learning and training.
    She facilitated very frank
    discussions that were
    very educational.


    Air Asia

    Anurag Sharma

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