About MHFA

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) India offers a range of training courses from awareness raising to skill development. Our Mental Health First Aider courses are designed for all adults.

Through these courses, we take people on a journey to understand what mental health is. We discuss how we all have mental health, like physical health, and we teach people to look after their own and others’ well-being.

This is what we aim to do with our courses:

  • Battle the stigma attached to mental health and illness
  • Improve the community’s literacy in mental health
  • Teach how to support oneself through self-care
  • Develop the ability to offer initial support and early intervention for mental and emotional problems
  • Educate to provide care and support to someone with mental illness
  • Make mental health an easier topic to talk about

MHFA™ India courses are for all adults aged 18 and above. Our courses are designed in such a way that you don’t need existing knowledge of mental health just like you don’t need a medical background to take a first aid course.

Getting trained in Mental Health First Aid® is recommended for anyone – just as it’s a good idea for people to have basic knowledge of physical first aid. Here is a list of individuals who can benefit from MHFA™ training:

  • Line managers
  • HR professionals
  • Social care professionals
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • First responders
  • Staff nurses
  • Local authorities
  • Friends and family
  • People with lived experience of mental ill health
  • Counselors
  • General practitioners
  • Armed forces
  • Police officers

It depends on what you are interested in and who you want to support. We have courses to help you support:

  • General adult population
  • Colleagues and employees in the workplace
  • Students and staff in higher education

Our courses are based on research and developed by mental health experts alongside people with lived experience of mental ill health. Research and evaluation have repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of MHFA™ training in India and worldwide. To learn more, you can visit our Knowledge page on the website. You can also read about the impact of our training across various organisations in our case studies.

To become an MHFAider®, you need to take an MHFA™ course. You can book as an individual with one of our independent instructors. If you are looking to train 12 people or more in your organisation, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

MHFA™ India is the only licensed organisation from MHFA™ International, Australia for the delivery of SMHFA courses in India. The module is adapted to the Indian mental health situation to make it practical and beneficial. If you live in India and wish to become an MHFAider® and practise the ALGEE Action Plan in your community, it’s important to take the India-specific course. MHFA™ is a global movement that is present in 25 countries. Each country licenses its own MHFA™ program separately. You can browse through all the international MHFA™ programs at www. mhfainternational.org

As the idea of first aid for mental health becomes popular, other training providers offer unlicensed 'Mental Health First Aid' with different formats.

We advise caution when choosing a training provider, whether you're looking for a Mental Health First Aid® course or are interested in becoming an instructor yourself. The quality and safety of courses provided by other trainers cannot be guaranteed and can lead to unsafe learning with poor results on being an appropriate first aider. Further, those courses are not accredited and standardised.

The cost of an MHFA™ India Instructor Training program reflects the quality of teaching material and support that you receive as part of your five-day experience. Cheaper, unlicensed training is unlikely to have the evidence-based learning or quality that is associated with the India Instructor Training program, which has been running for several years and is part of a global program active in 24 countries.

The MHW India Awards Program is a very rigorous program aiming to recognise big and small organizations across industries for their efforts to build a mentally healthy workspace. It honors them for developing Mental Health First Aid® skills in their staff. The Program also acknowledges its commitment to embedding MHFA™ training into the organisation’s culture.

In India, there is no set legal protocol for an organisation to invest in building mentally healthy workplaces. Investing in quality programs like MHFA™ is a new practice that goes beyond just the training.

How to participate or Apply?

For more info, click here.

You may follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with what we’re doing. We support mental health campaigns throughout the year and are often looking for members of the MHFA™ India community to get involved, for example by sharing your story.

Want to teach MHFA™ India courses yourself? We offer an Instructor Training program that qualifies you to deliver our courses.

If you’re interested in working for the MHFA™ India central team, check out our Work with Us page for the latest vacancies.

The main differences between Mental Health First Aid® (MHFA™) and Psychological First Aid (PFA) are as follows:

Mental Health First Aid® Psychological First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid® is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem, or in a mental health crisis. First aid is given until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves
  • Does give some training on responding to a person who has experienced a traumatic event
  • MHFA™ training is designed for non-health professionals and also
  • The MHFAider’s® role stops once appropriate professional help is reached
  • Psychological First Aid is solely focused on the response to a disaster situation
  • It is solely focused on the response to a disaster situation
  • Psychological First Aid is usually given by a mental health professional
  • Professional help continues until the crisis is resolved

Team psychological safety is a shared belief held by member of a team that is's ok to make risks, to express their idea and concerns, to speak up with questions, and to admit mistakes all without fear of negative consequences.

As a training organisation, we cannot offer mental health support or advice. However, you can visit our “Mental Health Access” page for resources that can help you obtain relevant National and State-level helpline numbers to help you gain access to mental health professional services and information in your area.

The MHFAiders® community is a forum to provide continuous support to retain and improve first-aider knowledge and skills as well as stay updated on the latest news and information on mental health locally and globally. The community aims to be useful to first aiders day-to-day life and their professional setting for better mentally healthy spaces. This community is accessible exclusively to MHFAiders®.

A person who completes their training on any of the MHFA™ courses will be automatically added to the community. A trained individual can access the community by logging in to the website.

You can book your course from the MHFA™ India website only. Choose the date of your training based on the Training Calendar available on the ‘Book a course’ page. Once you complete your registration process, you will receive a confirmation email with the required information.

MHFA™ Instructors are exclusively trained only by MHFA™ India. The list of trained and Accredited Instructors is on the official website of MHFA™ India. Take a look at the training calendar to find the training provided by individual Instructors.

For our Mental Health First Aid® courses, the face-to-face mode is delivered across two days each under a span of 6 hours. Each training day is planned with two tea breaks and one lunch break.

In the blended mode, two live training sessions are delivered each under a span of three hours, spread across two to three weeks, with self-learning activities in between. The timings of the live training sessions will be either 10 AM - 1 PM or 2 PM to 5 PM.

Our half-day Suicide Prevention and NSSI courses are two different courses delivered separately from one another, preferably a few days apart.

Online mode for each is delivered through two live training sessions, one in the morning (10:30 AM - 1 PM) and one in the afternoon (2:30 PM to 5 PM), each spanning 2.5 hours.

Our half-day Mental Health Knowledge for Managers and MHFA™ Refresher courses are usually delivered in one morning or afternoon session of four hours.

MHFA™ India does not employ the MHFA™ Instructors that it trains and accredits. Therefore, each MHFA™ Instructor has the autonomy and flexibility to set their fees.

Course fees do vary for reasons which may include: course type, individual Instructor qualifications and credentials, course venue, and course location.

We recommend modest fees on a sliding scale, however, Instructors need to cover their costs as well. Some Instructors teach MHFA™ courses as part of their paid employment and thus have a salary whilst teaching and others deliver MHFA™ courses as a private business.

To see prices for upcoming courses go to our course calendar here.

MHFA™ India aims to provide mental health education across the population at all times. Paid courses ensure the presence of the program in the country as well as financially support our team to conduct research and evaluation to keep up the high-quality course delivery.

Payment is integrated with course registration on the website. Once you select your dates and course in the Calendar, you can make payments as shown on the page. On receipt of full payment, your seat will be considered confirmed.

There are two options:

  • Change the course dates
  • Cancel the course

You will need to inform a minimum of two weeks in advance for both options to give the seat to another applicant.

In case of cancellation of the course two weeks before the course date, 80% of your course fee will be reimbursed to you.

In case of cancellation within 7-14 calendar days before the course start date, 30% of the course fee will be reimbursed to you.

For example; If the course dates are 15-16 March and we receive an email from you asking for cancellation on 28th February then you are eligible to be compensated 80% of the amount. We require 4-6 weeks to complete the transfer.

For more information on our refund policy, click here.

MHFA™ India will use MHFAider’s® email addresses to

  • Send training-related information, guidelines and reminders
  • Send voucher coupons for payment (only for workplaces)
  • Remind Accredited MHFAiders® to complete a Refresher MHFA™ Course when their MHFAider® Accreditation is due to expire
  • Provide MHFAiders® with any relevant resources that help to reinforce their MHFA™ knowledge and skills or other programs or opportunities

MHFA™ India will not distribute or sell MHFAiders’® email addresses, nor use them for any other purposes. Please read our privacy policy and data protection policy for more information

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Currently, the post-training Accreditation Assessment and course feedback are available exclusively online. Unfortunately, if you do not provide the Instructor with an email address, you will not be able to complete the Accreditation Assessment and receive a Certificate of Accreditation nor download the Certificate as an MHFAider®. You could opt to set up an email address just to complete the online Assessment, using a free email account such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook.

About MHFA Courses

A calendar of Training dates is published on the ‘Book a course’ page of this website. Face-to-face training is generally conducted in 2 full days. However, on a need basis, it can be spread over several days. You can register for the training at the MHFA™ India website by choosing dates from the calendar.

Yes, you have to complete 12 hours/the entire length of the course to become a Certified MHFAider®. All parts of the course are equally important to learn safe grounding in MHFA™ skills.

MHFA™ India does not offer shortened versions of our courses.

MHFA™ India does not recommend participating in or delivering half-day or shortened versions of our MHFA™ courses as it is unclear how effective these are at improving knowledge, attitudes, confidence, and behavior towards people experiencing mental health problems or mental health crises. MHFA™ India’s courses are designed and evaluated as a ‘whole’ (two-day) course, so we cannot know how effective it would be to only complete one session or component of a course.

Our evidence-based MHFA™ courses are 12-hour (2-day) workshops that are conducted face-to-face or a mixture of eLearning and instructor-led live sessions.

Suicide prevention is one of the topics covered in the standard and blended MHFA™ course. However, due to the number of topics covered, a total of approximately 1 hour is spent on suicide-specific material. A separate half-day course is designated for both Suicide Prevention and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury First Aid.

One of the most important aims of MHFA™ courses is to dispel the myths and stigma associated with mental illness and our courses are designed with this in mind.

Diagnosing mental illnesses is not part of the curriculum and the course does not qualify anyone to make a diagnosis. The course will briefly cover how mental illnesses are diagnosed but the focus is on recognising that someone is unwell and assisting them to get the help they need.

MHFA™ participants learn to recognise symptoms and refer a person to appropriate help, which we believe is very important. Many symptoms of mental illness are misunderstood by the community and result in people being further isolated. A lot of time is spent on being non-judgmental, listening, providing support (both emotional and practical) and encouraging the person to seek the support of those around them, while doing things that help them feel better.

This is why it is indispensable to learn about mental illness and its diagnosis as we do so for physical illness.

For safety reasons, MHFA™ India manuals are only given out on courses and can’t be ordered separately. The guidance and training provided by the course instructor will give people the understanding and skills to use the resources in the manual safely and appropriately.

If you are receiving emails from us with the incorrect spelling of your name or you need to update your details, including the name on your certificate, you can do this by

  • Visiting our website and inserting the login page link
  • After logging in, access the ‘Edit Profile’ section on the Account Dashboard, and edit/change/ or add details as you require
  • Please note that the name on your certificate will not update instantaneously and you will have to wait until the following day for the change to be reflected

If your state is not in the training calendar of MHFA™ India, you can wait for updates to check if training becomes available in your state. Otherwise, you can choose your nearby state, however, you will have to cover the accommodation and travel expenses on your own. You can also enquire with us to check if it’s possible to provide training in your state. This will be confirmed only upon the availability of the trainer/s and the accommodation and travel expenses will be borne by those attending the training.

Alternatively, you can also enroll in the blended mode of training which maintains the same quality and efficacy as that of sessions delivered face-to-face.

Initially, all courses have been delivered in English language only. Hindi is one of the local languages in which the MHFA™ for Suicide Prevention Course is currently available. With experience, MHFA™ India will translate the SMHFA course into other local languages to reach more public across the country. For specific languages, view the training calendar, where the language of the training will be specified.

MHFA™ India will collect and store course feedback to allow

  • Instructors to view collated feedback for their courses
  • Instructors to view participant feedback averages across all their courses
  • For the feedback to be reviewed and used to provide appropriate support and mentoring to Instructors if needed
  • Other quality control purposes

MHFA™ India will not use this data for other research purposes unless we have obtained the explicit permission of course participants to do so. For more information, you can refer to our privacy policy and data protection policy.

No, it does not! You would need to apply and be approved to do an MHFA™ Instructor Course to teach MHFA™ in your communities.

As an MHFAider®, you are committed not to use the manual and the information taken in any form during the training or post it, for any teaching or training purposes. It may lead to damage to your participants as the standardised MHFA™ program can be administered solely by trained and Accredited MHFA™ Instructors. MHFA™ India reserves the right to take legal action towards breach of copyrights and misuse of the materials.

For more information, refer to our disclaimer and terms and conditions.

Mental Health Officers, who have cleared the Accreditation Assessment will be given an “Accredited” logo, while those who have only completed their MHFA™ course will be given a “Certified” logo that can be used in their email signature.

Kindly note that the official logo of MHFA™ India must not be used anywhere without prior permission and misuse of the official logo is not permitted.

MHFA™ India offers various services to help maintain MHFAider® skills and update knowledge on Mental Health First Aid®. You can check them out by clicking here.

There are many factors that can increase the risk of mental health problems like periods of prolonged stress, anxiety, witnessing or experiencing traumatic events etc.

A person with a history of mental health problems can find the course a little upsetting, although not always. It is best to do the MHFA course when you are feeling mentally robust and well. But even someone who is feeling great can become upset by reading and thinking about such difficult topics. This may be because of their current circumstances or a past incident or even for no clear reason at all.

However, the good news is that it does not happen to everyone or often. Even if someone is feeling upset, they can start feeling better in a few minutes. After a few hours, the feelings of distress would fade off. People usually report feeling much better and glad about doing the course.

We believe the best way to resolve any issue is to talk about it. Complaints will be dealt with sensitively, promptly, and in confidence. Please call us: +91 7397383004 to speak to one of our team members or write to us at courses@mhfaindia.com

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Instructors are the backbone of the MHFA program who assure the training is accessible by people and it is delivered rigorously adhering to the International standard. Quality is what matters to us. Everyone that participates in MHFA India training is given the opportunity to share their opinion about the learning experience as well as the quality of trainers. It helps us at MHFA India to constantly be in touch with what needs to be improved and all training is delivered to the standard. The Instructors rating is part of this feedback form coming from each learner measuring the trainers on a scale of 5. 

1. Beginner, 2. Intermediate, 3. Competent, 4. Proficient, 5. Expert 

Your response is translated into stars.

For First Aider Accreditation

An MHFAider® Accreditation demonstrates that an individual has the skills and knowledge to provide Mental Health First Aid®.

An MHFAider® is a person who has completed an MHFA™ Course delivered by an Accredited MHFA™ Instructor. If you wish to become an Accredited MHFAider®, you will need to clear the online Accreditation test.

  • You can attest to having successfully passed a standardised Accreditation Assessment of your Mental Health First Aid® knowledge and skills
  • You are eligible to be appointed as a Mental Health First Aid® Officer in the workplace
  • You will not need to complete a full MHFA™ Course again in 3 years but rather a shorter Refresher MHFA™ Course
  • You will receive an automatic reminder in 3 years when you are due to complete a Refresher MHFA™ Course

MHFA™ International has an ongoing research program to develop and maintain MHFA™ Guidelines for Low and Middle-Income Countries (which includes India). To be an 'Accredited' MH First Aider means an MHFA™ course participant who passes the assessment is accredited by these guidelines.

To become an accredited MHFAider®, you will need to pass an online Accreditation Assessment. This assessment is solely administered online and an MHFA™ Instructor cannot administer it at the end of the course. You are eligible to attempt this assessment if you have completed an MHFA™ course. You will be able to access the Accreditation test from your dashboard as soon as you complete the course as well and a link will be sent to your email to access the Accreditation test if you had previously opted to not attempt it.

Once you pass the assessment, you receive a digital Accreditation Certificate. This Accreditation is valid for 3 years from the date of your MHFA™ course and is renewed by completing a short MHFA™ Refresher Course. You can complete the accreditation up to 3 years after you complete the MHFA™ course. However, the validity starts from the day you have been certified.

Participants have up to 3 months after their accreditation expires to complete a Refresher Course and the online assessment.

The Accreditation Assessment is an online 20-question quiz, with a mixture of multiple-choice questions based on specific MHFA™ scenarios and True or False questions, that is completed using the MHFA™ manual.

You must score at least 70% to pass the assessment. If you do not pass on your first attempt, you will be offered a second attempt.

Although this assessment only has 20 questions, it assesses mental health knowledge and Mental Health First Aid® skills across the MHFA™ curriculum.

The pass percentage for the MHFAider® Accreditation Assessment is 70%.

As long as you have not submitted the assessment twice, you can attempt it again via the link provided in the post-training activities prompt email you received from MHFA™ India.

If you are experiencing problems submitting either the feedback or assessment then please check that your browser is up to date. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are suitable and free options to look into before you reach out to us.

If you successfully enter your assessment questions and get an error (e.g. 'the result totals 0' or you've had two attempts when you believe you have only had one), please contact us at courses@mhfaindia.com.

There is no cost for taking the online Accreditation Assessment and becoming an Accredited MHFAider® for the Standard MHFA™ and Blended MHFA™ for Workplace courses.

No, it does not! You would need to apply and be approved to do an MHFA™ Instructor Course to teach MHFA™ in your communities.

As an MHFAider®, you are committed to not using the manual and the information taken in any form during the training or after it, for any teaching or training purposes. It may lead to creating damage to your participants as the MHFA™ program is a standardised one that can be administered solely by trained and Accredited MHFA™ Instructors. MHFA™ India reserves the right to take legal action towards breach of copyrights and misuse of the materials. See copyright notes at the beginning of the manual.

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For Facetoface Courses

Not necessarily as you’re participating primarily to educate yourself in mental health. The instructors encourage interaction and opinion-sharing among group members to enhance the learning process. In such scenarios, you are free to share your experience, in case you feel comfortable doing so. The Instructor and participants, by agreeing to participate in the course, respect the confidentiality and differences of opinion among members.

The reason the Instructor has marked you as insufficient participation is because you need to be present at least 95% of the time in the learning session.

For Blended MHFA Courses

MHFA™ India offers courses in a Blended format, comprising two components, eLearning, the first component, plus a follow-up Instructor-led second component which comprises two sessions of 3 hours offered via video conferencing technology.

The E-Learning component is self-paced and takes about 6-8 hours to complete. This e-learning component teaches participants about mental health problems, mental health crises, and skills to offer initial help to an adult developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of a mental health problem, or in a mental health crisis. The follow-on Instructor-led session allows participants the opportunity to revise and consolidate knowledge in a group environment while applying their skills to specific scenarios.

After completing both course components, participants are eligible to complete an online assessment to receive a Certificate of Accreditation which is valid for 3 years. An Accredited MHFAider® is eligible to be appointed as a Mental Health First Aid® Officer.

There are six steps to complete when undertaking a Blended MHFA™ course:

  • Pre-module activities
  • E-learning modules
  • Instructor-led live sessions
  • Post-module activities
  • Certification
  • Accreditation Assessment (Optional)

E-Learning bulk enrolments can be purchased in the form of vouchers by writing to us at mhfaindia@mhfaindia.com Once purchased, voucher codes will be sent to participants individually. The voucher codes are for single-use only and expire 12 months from their purchase date. To enroll in a Blended MHFA™ course, each user needs to visit the enrolment page (a link will be provided along with the voucher email) and enter their voucher code in the payment section. Please note that each participant needs to have their account registered to their email address to complete an MHFA™ course.

Yes, we recommend participants complete all components of training within a maximum of two months from the start of their training programme.

1. The reason the Instructor has marked you as insufficient participation is because you need to be present at least 95% of the time in the learning session. 

2. You may need to log in and check that you have successfully completed all pre-module activities as well as the E-learning, the system will allow you to progress once all are completed. 

For Elearning

E-Learning is self-paced and will generally take 6-8+ hours to complete. We, therefore, recommend completing it over a number of sessions. Leaving the course open in your browser window for long periods can create issues saving your progress so always close the window when taking a break.

Our E-Learning courses consist of 5-6 modules depending on the course, all of which must be completed mandatorily.

There are some basic technical requirements for accessing MHFA™ eLearning courses:

  • You will need the latest version of an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge browsers are not supported
  • You will need to allow pop-up windows from inserting the eLearning link
  • You will need an internet connection that allows streaming video via a third-party streaming site
  • If you are unable to play videos featured in our e-learning courses, please ensure that your internet connection allows streaming video via third-party sites such as vimeo.com and youtube.com

Check with your system admin or IT department if you require assistance, or access e-Learning via another internet connection without restrictions on streaming video.

Our eLearning courses are optimised for desktop or laptop - we do not recommend completing them on a mobile/tablet device.

Your progress is periodically saved as you proceed through the course.

Each time you proceed to a new slide or answer a question, your progress is recorded so you can easily continue from where you left off.

If you start a module then wish to exit before completing it please exit by clicking the save and exit icon in the top right on the module screen. Once you complete a module, your results will be saved and it will reset from the beginning. You do not need to repeat a completed module but may review the content if you would like to.

Access to review eLearning courses is available for 12 months after you enrol.

Please see our basic technological requirements for accessing MHFA™ e-Learning courses and contact your IT administrator if you require further assistance.

If you are still experiencing technical problems, please contact courses@mhfaindia.com. Generally, we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).

The MHFA™ Manual is a lengthy document and can sometimes take several minutes to load/scale within your browser.

A loading icon may remain on your screen for several minutes while the browser loads/scales the document. This time is dependent on your device's performance, and the browser you are using. The manual may also partially load and appear blurry until it completes the loading/scaling process. If using an unsupported or out-of-date browser, the Manual may load in a font that is difficult to read.

In our experience, users have the optimal loading/viewing experience by using the latest version of Google Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/

If you are experiencing issues loading the Manual, please ensure your browser is supported and up-to-date, and allow the Manual several minutes to load.

The Manual is available online via your MHFA™ India Dashboard solely - it is not available for download.

If you are experiencing problems submitting either the feedback or assessment, then please try the solutions below before contacting us:

1. Check that your browser is up to date. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are suitable and free options to look into.

2. Attempt to open the link we sent you via email in incognito/private mode in your selected browser.

If you encounter an issue with saving the feedback or the page reloading to present the feedback form again or get an error successfully entering your assessment questions, please contact us at lmsadmin@mhfaindia.com.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Platform where we use the most advanced and secured routing mechanism provided by Amazon Route 53 global services. Our private networks are isolated and well-secured within AWS.

MHFA™ India respects the confidentiality of data obtained from its learners and we strive to use the safest and most effective platform to manage and store data which will be used to further enhance our courses.

Yes, the eLearning module is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of all the topics outlined in the manual. We have meticulously ensured that the content within the module aligns perfectly with the manual's content, making it a valuable and effective resource for learners. Whether you're looking to grasp the fundamental concepts or dive deep into advanced topics, you can trust that the eLearning modules offer a thorough and engaging learning experience, enhancing your understanding and knowledge retention.

Some basic skills such as:

• Familiarity with web browsers

• Familiarity with interactive graphics

• Experience in searching the internet with a search engine

• A level of comfort using technology.

The eLearning course component is 5-7 hours long. We recommend spending an hour a day to complete the course in a week.

You will be interacting with the MHFA India instructors in two sessions. The sessions will consist of the following:

Session 1

• Ice breaker

• Set up

• Practice with Technology

• Revision of eLearning material

• ALGEE Action Plan

• Depression & Anxiety

• Suicide Action Plan

• Scenario

Session 2

• Psychosis

• Substance Use Disorders

• Practice Conversations

• Debriefing

• Self-care covering ideas on what your habits are and barriers to self-care in times of social distancing.

Yes, your progress is automatically saved. We encourage you to fully complete the module before moving on to the next. 

It is not mandatory but we recommend you to take the online accreditation test which is valid for a period of 3 years. A link for the accreditation test will be sent to your registered email address after the completion of the course.

For MHFA Refresher Course

The aim of a Mental Health First Aid® Refresher Course is to update and build upon skills learned in the initial 12-hour Mental Health First Aid® course. Refresher courses contain new educational films and additional learning material. The courses are delivered in a 4-hour face-to-face or online session.

Yes, our refresher course can be completed online.

Refresher courses need to be completed no later than three years after an MHFAider's® original course date (i.e. by the MHFAider® accreditation expiry date).

You are eligible for a refresher course if you have been accredited as an MHFAider® within the last three years. Upon successful completion of a refresher course and completion of the re-accreditation assessment, accreditation will be extended for a further 3-year period. After this time (6 years from the initial full 12-hour course completion), an additional full course will need to be undertaken to maintain accreditation thereafter.

Accredited MHFAiders® will be emailed when they are due to complete their refresher training three months before their accreditation expires. A second reminder will be sent one month before expiry.

CTA: Need A Refresher On MHFA™? Click Here.

For Instructors Course

You will need to participate in the five-day MHFA™ Instructor Training program which qualifies you to deliver the SMHFA course in your communities.

The primary role of Instructors is to teach the Mental Health First Aid® course with fidelity to the core program model and key messages. Each Instructor has a set of materials to guide them through course facilitation.

To teach a course, certified Instructors must order manuals and prepare course materials and resources for all their participants.

Conducting a course involves much more than simply teaching it. Instructors frequently have to promote their capacity as trainers of MHFA™ to different communities to ensure training. Business meetings or free informative sessions are some of the tools one can use for promotion.

The MHFA™ India website is where you can exclusively apply for the course. Sign up to start the application process and follow the instructions given on the website. Your application will be approved based on the fulfillment of the requisite criteria. Click here for more details.

We value the 5-day Instructor training at 3,00,000+GST. If you are an organised group and have a minimum of 10 participants, you can contact the MHFA™ India team at +91 7397383004 to discuss logistics and pricing.

MHFA™ India is registered as a Pvt. Ltd. company to ensure the sustainability of operations (delivering the courses). The course fee is required to ensure the long-term presence of the program in the country and to financially support our team to conduct research and evaluation, to maintain the high quality of the course.

Once your application is approved and officially informed to you, you can complete the payment through the payment gateway on our website. Online payment and bank transfer are the sole accepted methods of payment for the course. On receipt of successful payment, your seat will be confirmed.

If you cancel one month before the first day of the Instructor Training program, MHFA™ India reserves the right to charge 50% of the course fee.

If you cancel post it, do not attend, or do not complete the program, you will be charged the full rate.

Cancellations must be sent in writing to courses@mhfaindia.com and are only valid once the receipt has been confirmed.

For example; If the course dates are 18-22 March and we receive an email from you requesting cancellation on 17th February then you are eligible for a 50% refund of the amount. We require 4-6 weeks to complete the transfer.

Trainee instructors must attend every day of the Instructor Training Course, as it’s integral in your learning:

  • You observe the course from the viewpoint of an instructor, rather than a recipient
  • Each instructor has different teaching methods and it is an advantage to experience at least two styles before becoming an instructor yourself
  • As it is a class of trainee instructors, the course which is conducted on the first 2 days usually imparts more knowledge.
  • Significant networking and group cohesion occur during the course

After completing the Instructor Training, you are to deliver a minimum of 3 training programs in the first year. The first training should be co-trained with a senior Accredited trainer appointed by MHFA™ India.

If you are living in India and you work in India and plan to train the public within Indian territory, then you can apply for the Instructors Course from MHFA™ India. Upon moving out of India, the right to train as an Instructor will be denied as you cannot train in another country. You will need to contact the MHFA™ office of that country for additional training as to that country’s requirements.

No, you cannot provide training in India. The SMHFA course has been adapted and acculturated to Indian specifics and resources, which differ from the country you have received your instructor’s accreditation.

You will need to attend the Instructor’s training with MHFA™ India. Please contact us at mhfaindia@mhfaindia.com for further information.

CTA: Contact us to learn more!

We recognize that psychologists and other mental health professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable about mental health problems and their treatments. However, our courses have first-aid rather than a clinical focus. Doctors and nurses do not always make the best physical first aiders, as while they may be very competent in treating patients in a clinical setting, they are not usually taught or experienced in the basic care a first aider provides before professional medical help arrives.

The majority of training involves learning the course curriculum and how to present it. So it is necessary to attend the full training, despite any qualifications which you may have. There are several psychologists and other mental health professionals who are accredited MHFA™ Instructors and all of them have completed the full MHFA™ Instructor Training course.

As the idea of first aid for mental health becomes popular, some other training providers offer unlicensed 'Mental Health First Aid’ or ‘First Aid for Mental Health’ instructor training.

We would advise caution when choosing a training provider, whether you're looking for a Mental Health First Aid® course or interested in becoming an instructor yourself. The quality and safety of courses provided by other trainers cannot be guaranteed.

The cost of an MHFA™ India Instructor Training Program reflects the quality of teaching, materials, and support that you will receive as part of your five-day experience. Cheaper, unlicensed training is unlikely to have the evidence base or quality that is associated with the India Instructor Training Program, which has been running for over five years and is part of a global program active in 24 countries.

CTA: Book Your MHFA Course To Become An Instructor!

User FAQ

Instead of attending a Face 2 Face training of the Mental Health First Aid course, the coursework is made available online through a Learning Management System (LMS). You will login with your credentials through the MHFA India website into the LMS and start taking the course. The online eLearning component is self-paced and can take about 5-7 hours to complete.

• Access to a computer (desktop or a laptop)

• Reliable internet access

• Latest version of a web browser (Chrome, Firefox is preferred).

No. But we recommend you keep a schedule for the class every day so that you can complete the modules without any delay.

Contact MHFA India through email or phone. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

The timing for receiving your MHFA certificate in India may vary depending on the organisation or institute offering the MHFA training MHFA programs may have different processes and timelines for certificate issuance.  You will get the Mental Health First Aider certificate upon successful completion of the components of the training programme. 

No. To become a successful Mental Health First Aider, attending both the training components is mandatory. 

The enrolment is valid for a period of 3 months.

You will be asked to enrol again into the programme.

No. There will be no refunds in this case.

No. Both the courses are the same and the only difference is in the format of teaching. 

Instructors FAQ

It is the portal where an MHFA India instructor can create, monitor, and manage your training and your learners. The dashboard is personal for each instructor and should be accessed and managed only by them

The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the portal. It allows users or instructors to view and edit their profiles, manage their enrolled courses, enroll in other courses, access the MHFAider community and chat forum, get news or announcements specific to Instructors, and learn about the data policy and cancellation and refund policies

On our MHFA webpage, click "Instructor Login," which is in the top right corner. Enter your credentials. Or login with OTP. If you forgot your password, click "forgot password," enter your registered email ID, and then log in

The following list will appear on your dashboard:

  • Instructor name (no nicknames). As it appears in your government ID
  • Instructor's code: It is unique for you.
  • Certified or accredited courses (i.e., the courses that you are taking)
  • Total number of training sessions and number of participants you have trained.
  • Instructor rating (Overall how your learners have rated you on the feedback form)
  • Type of instructor.
  • Your upcoming course reminder.

In the dashboard, on the left side, click "edit profile" to update the details.

"Click my course" to see the course name, training ID, instructor name, co-facilitator training status, training progress, training access expiration date, and actions. In Action, click "Go to Learn" to continue your education. Click "Download the certificate" to access it at any time.

"Click Manage Training." The Training List page will display. Click "Start Training" and choose the course you want to create training for. Fill in the essential data by selecting your co-facilitator (if you plan to have one), day, and time for the live session. Enter the required information and create your training. You have two choices:

  • Save the training and make it available to the public.
  • Save and keep the training private.

The live session is otherwise considered an in-person session where the participants and MHFA trainer meet on the same platform. This platform can be a physical platform like a classroom, or using an online platform like Zoom or teams

You can place the date and time when you intend learners to have access to activities and modules at the MHFA India learning platform

The maximum number of participants is set by the system. You can't accommodate more than that number. After the number of enrolments has reached the maximum, the training will close automatically

Yes, you can decide the price. But there is a minimum and maximum range fixed by MHFA India. There are three options,

  • You can select “default price”, which is the roof price set by MHFA India.
  • Enter your “own price” in the window that appears next to it, you can decide your price which should be within the minimum and maximum range set by MHFA India.
  • “Apply for a voucher”, where you have two options discount a full value or a percentage of it. This will be applied over the maximum price set by MHFA India.
  • Two windows will appear when you choose to Apply for a Voucher,

  • % discount, which shouldn't be beyond the minimum price set by MHFA India.
  • Number of vouchers that you would like to receive for the % decided above.

Your request for a voucher will be received by MHFA India and the operation team will send the vouchers to your registered e-mail ID

No, but it is unique for that specific training. Once the training has closed you can’t use the voucher anymore. It cannot be used for any other training

The price varies for different courses and to keep fair business we have decided on the floor and roof price for each course. In between is the margin that is what MHFA India instructors can earn. You can decide for yourself the price you finally wish to sell your training. Prices in the table of Start training are not inclusive of tax-GST. However, when you save the training the price for that specific training that the public sees includes the GST amount. The GST is built into the system and auto-calculates the final amount

This should be the last date when your people can enroll. After that day the training will close automatically, and people cannot enroll

There are three options,

  • Open
  • Closed
  • Full
  • So open indicates, that people can enroll. Closed indicates, people cannot enroll and make payments. Full means the training has been fully booked. You need to change this manually.

Put the name of the client for instance “Client X Training 3”. This will help you easily identify and search or filter that specific training in your dashboard

Those are mandatory especially for physical training. This information will be displayed in the training details for the participants and must be accurate and in detail. In the case of blended training enter basic information

Additional information appears in the training details, and you can leave any information to the people who have enrolled.

The public indicates that this training will be listed on the MHFA India website's public schedule, where anybody may view and enroll.

Private implies that you may only share the link to enroll with people you know who are designated to take the course, such as corporate employees. This signifies that all the training seats have been sold, and you do not need to keep them open for public enrollment.

Yes, you can change from private to public.

No, you cannot delete the course; however, you can modify the training. In the dashboard, click "Manage Training". You will reach the training list page. Scroll to the right and click the "edit" button under "action". We recommend you not edit the course after you have enrolled and if it is necessary you need to ensure that you inform participants and respect the “Cancellation and Return Policy”.

To promote training and enhance course sales, utilize the course QR codes and put them on social media, e-mail signature, your website if you have one, and other forums you are part of. We recommend planning your annual calendar and promoting a training minimum of two months before the training implementation date. This will give you time to fill all your training seats. Check “useful materials” for content and marketing materials prepared by MHFA India.

You can notify the client by emailing them the QR code that is relevant to the private training and asking them to complete their enrolment with the QR code and the coupon code (when applicable). Find the template emails under useful materials.

QR code is a unique code for each training, for each training you create, and you can find it under the “manage my training” button at the end of each training listed in the table.

Select "manage training" and the training you wish to view the enrolled students in. After scrolling to the right, select "Manage user". There will be a list of enrolled participants along with their basic information. Including payment status. For every enrollment as an instructor, you will be notified in your e-mail ID.

"Click Manage Training." A table with all your training lists will be provided. You can see the course name, instructor name, facilitator name, training code, course type, method of delivery, language of instruction, date and time of instructor-led sessions, QR code, and actions.

You may also use the search function located underneath "Start training" in"Manage training" Instead of going through each training, enter the training code " MHFAI233 " where you locate the precise course you wish to see.

  • Edit -You can edit the training details until the last date of enrolment.
  • Manage users - you will see people who have enrolled, and their basic details and status (certified, Accredited, Candidate)
  • Manage payments- You can see the amount paid by each either through a voucher or direct payment to the MHFA India account.
  • View Progress- Where you can see the progress of each learner in the MHFA India learning system.

Click “manage training.”The training list page will appear. Scroll to the right and click “Manage user.” Find attendance status and attendance under Action. Click attendance and select the attendance status (present/insufficient presence/absence). Click save changes. A no-reply mail from MHFA India regarding the attendance will be sent to the participants.

  • Present- when the participant has been 95 % of the time present in the session there throughout the session.
  • Insufficient- The participant has less than 95% of the maximum time.
  • Absent- The person doesn't appear in the training.
  • E-learning- All the activities and the modules are completed.
  • You have e-mails to operation@mhfaindia.com with the attendance report, like the attendance sheet or Zoom or teams' presence report.
  • Only when the learners have completed all the activities and the modules in the MHFA India learning platform.

Yes, only when they have been absent or insufficient presence. The instructor decides to decide whether to charge the participant for the session. As MHFA India we accept one-time replacements free of cost only for emergency absences.

Yes, once the candidate has attended all the pending classes, you may give them full attendance.

Under “manage training” you can check “manage users” and see the training status.

A monitor is a member of a batch that you assign and give permission to be able to view the progress of the entire batch that they are part of. It's a great tool to use especially for private groups. This helps you not spend time creating a report on the progress of the learners to the client.

Click "manage training." The training list page will appear. Scroll to the right and click "Manage User." You can activate the monitor status for the chosen person. We recommend not to assign more than two people from the batch. The person you made as monitor will receive an email, notifying them of the role you have assigned. Do not forget to remove the monitor role once the batch is completed and certified.

Absolutely yes. You need to receive MHFA approval before you grant attendance.

Students are expected to have done their studies before coming to the live session. This will help the participants understand and relate topics that they have learned. Also, they can point out the doubts that they encountered on self-learning.

Yes, Reach out to other instructors for collaboration and co-training.

Yes, you can offer a discount as an instructor, but it should be only between the minimum to maximum price set by MHFA India. Either you can decide the price or request vouchers for specific learners.

So, there are two types of instructors.

  • Dependent
  • Independent.

The dependent instructor is the one who is been trained as an MHFA India instructor as part of the company or educational institution. They can deliver training only for members of their specific company or institution.

Independent instructors are individuals who can market and sell MHFA training to their communities and clients.

Regular instructors are the ones who deliver the certificate courses. The National instructors are the ones who deliver the instructor courses.

In the feedback form, a question is asked on Rating the instructor. rating is classified as follows. This initiative is applied to assure transparency in the quality of the training to the public. Rating is on the total number of people you have trained and answered the question.

  • Beginner-1 star
  • Intermediate- 2 star
  • Competent- 3 star
  • Proficient- 4 star
  • Expert- 5 stars.

Are all the courses that you are accredited as an MHFA India instructor? That means you are a trainer for that specific course.

Yes, your accreditation for a specific course will start the date you are certified for that course and expire a year from that date. During the year you are expected to have accumulated “three points” for that specific training. You can see the expiry date for each course under the accredited course table in the dashboard.

As part of the agreement with MHFA India, you are expected to complete several trainings in a year for each course that you have accredited. List of points for each course,

  • Instructor’s training- 3 points
  • Standard MHFA – 1 point
  • Blended MHFA – ½ point
  • Short courses (suicide prevention)- ½ point
  • Co-training in standard MHFA - ½ point
For example, when delivering training on standard MHFA you earn automatically one point. You can see all the details under the table “Accredited Courses” in your dashboard.

When you have accumulated your 3 points for that year, your status will remain active, and you will continue to create training for that course. If you do not meet 3 points your status will change to “pause” and you will not be able to create and promote any training.

A trainer's status becomes inactive when they have done enough training for their accredited courses. As inactive, they will not be able to access your dashboard.

No, it does not count.

It directs you to the public calendar of the MHFA India on the website, where you can enroll for any courses that you would like to learn.

As the number of MHFAiders is quickly growing in the country we have dedicated a menu that specifies several services and support systems that first aiders can avail to keep their knowledge up to date.

Click “MHFAider chat forum” on the dashboard - It is a PRIVATE community forum that functions similarly to social media, allowing you to share your expertise and keep up to date on the latest developments in mental health. It is exclusively for MHFAiders in India. All certified and accredited under MHFA standards and blended can have access to the private forum.

You can find here a variety of products branded under the MHFAider name that can be used to promote and enhance the MHFAider's role in the community, college, workplace, etc.

All these policies are important and apply to you and your learners. Kindly read all the policies and become very familiar with them to be able to provide professional services to protect your learners.

while delivering MHFA training may happen that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the content, sharing of the learners, or the energy needed to run a successful MHFA training. Any time before training read the distress protocol to keep yourself safe.

A page open to the public where there is information about common mental disorders, a glossary, acts and policies, mental health definitions, and Useful resources for mental health. We aim to provide updated information for Instructors to keep up the knowledge and skills in Mental health. Write to development@mhfaindia.com to suggest topics, info, etc.

FAQS for users which are open to the public to read before or after enrolling for a course. This will help you to find answers to the questions your prospect or your learners may have.

In this dashboard navigation FAQ, you can find the answers or guide on how to use your instructor dashboard.

You will see the answers to the questions about being an MHFA India instructor.

A page where you can find reports, research, updates, and summaries of anything around India and internationally to keep your skills and knowledge in mental health till an update.

Useful materials are useful in training and can be accessed in your dashboard.

Every MHFA announcement appears at the top of your portal or dashboard as a pop-up notification. For further information on the resources, navigate to the dashboard menu and click the option to start reading.

    A report card is essentially a visual preview of the Feedback of the participants on the training you have conducted.
    Instructors can exclusively view their training feedback overall and filter based on training code and user ID and rating they have given for you.
    The report is anonymous to you and for any further information you can reach the MHFA India team.

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