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The leadership course is specially designed 2-hour programme for senior leaders, managers, and decision makers at the workplace about how MHFA courses can support mentally healthy workplaces and the benefits of MHFA training.
What is covered in this course?
The leadership course is for all the senior leaders, managers, management teams and the decision makers to discuss about importance of mental wellbeing, mental health problems at the workplace, impact of mental health problems on workplaces, mental health first aid main concepts and the role of MHFAider in creating a mentally healthy workplace.
Who can attend this course?
Senior leaders and decision makers in the organisation are welcome to attend this webinar.
What topics are discussed in the course?
The discussion in the webinar is mainly about:

  • Mental wellbeing at workplaces
  • Impact of mental health problems on workplaces

Importance of building a first responder system for mental health at workplaces

Eligibility Criteria

This course is adapted from the current Indian 4th Edittion Standard Face-to-Face Mental Health First Aid Course for adults. Course specific content, health system information and resources related to the provision of Mental Health First Aid within India.
Course participants are required to be Indian residents and over the age of 18.