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  • Build Mental Health Knowledge for your team for a Healthy
    and Productive Workplace

Mental health is not a static state. It is dynamic and changing. It has far reaching impact on all domains of life, in all population groups. Poor mental health affects the quality of personal and professional lives. All is not fine at workplaces at all times. The source of work and livelihood can turn into a source of stress and worry for many people, when unaddressed. The disability and burden caused can have deep social and economic consequences.

Cost of Ignoring Mental Health at workplace


42.5% of employees in the private sector suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder.


Mental health problems at work places are highest (81%) among the youngest of the workforce (20-39 years).


Almost every other person in a workplace is in need of mental health services as compared to every 10th person in the general population.

Mental Health problems costs 1 trillion US$ to the global economy, every year.

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Join the Action - Talk Mental Health

It is important to build knowledge and talk about Mental Health at work places as this may significantly reduce negative beliefs and attitudes. Talking “mental health” at work place can lead to reduction of invisible & large barriers which will help the team members to:


Feel supported and secure.


Initiate a conversation about their mental health problems.


Seek early help for mental health problems before it becomes a crisis.

To get more information on how to bring the Mental Health First Aid training at your Work Place, download the brochure or reach to our team at 7397383004 or write to us at

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