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  • Make your Campus Mental Health Friendly with
    Mental Health First Aid Training

Campus life and the independence which comes with it, the increase in responsibilities for the new adult ready to perform and excel, can often be tough on young people. Being away or far from their support systems, students may find it difficult to cope with and address their stressors and emotional issues, leading to mental health problems.


More than 1 student suicide per hour


75% of the mental health problems start by the age of 15 – 24 years


Substance Use Disorders begin in adolescence with a mean age of onset of 14.9 years

  • Stigma, lack of knowledge and negative beliefs about mental health are significant barriers to Help Seeking for many students.
  • Students experiencing mental health problems are often misunderstood and given tags like ‘lazy’, ‘disinterested’, ‘stubborn’, ‘disobedient’.
  • Failure to recognise the symptoms of mental health issues and lack of sensitivity leave the students, stranded and helpless.
  • Mental health problems directly impact the levels of achievement, confidence, functionality, thinking and productivity of students.
  • Unaddressed mental health problems among the students are reflected in academic performance and absenteeism from college or worse.
  • The educational institution’s performance, retention and achievement is also influenced by the mental wellbeing of their students.

How Mental Health First Aid can help


It teaches students and staff to








to the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.


To get more information on how to bring the Mental Health First Aid training at your College/University, download the brochure or reach to our team at 7397383004 or write to us at


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