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F2F Standard Mental Health First Aid course – public & workplaces
Standard MHFA is a 12-hour course that teaches you how to help yourself and someone you care about, who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.
What does the course teach me?
The MHFA course will teach you to identify mental health problems by picking up the signs & symptoms shown by the person. It will help you to approach the person confidently and carry out a non-judgmental conversation with them and provide initial support to avoid mental illnesses or crises.
In what format is the course taught?
The course is taught face to face by the MHFA trained instructors.
Who can attend this course?
Any adult can attend this course.
What topics are covered in the course?

  • Mental health system and situation in our country.
  • The risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems.
  • A cluster of mental illnesses like Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Psychosis and Substance Use Problems.
  • Practical skills based on a 5 step Action Plan, on how to help someone developing a mental health problem.
  • How to respond to a crisis like suicidal thoughts and behaviours, non-suicidal self-injury etc.
  • Where to seek appropriate help which includes recognized professionals, peers, and other resources.

Why should I attend this course?
As adults we want to be skilful enough to be supportive to those around us. Just like we learn physical first aid to support someone when needing CPR, we need to learn mental health first aid in order to support our family members, friends, and colleagues. Any of us can experience mental health problem in life and we need to be ready to help. MHFA helps to equip practical skills of first aid for all adults. This is the only evidence-based and internationally recognised course in mental health in India which is backed by proven research from all over the world.
What benefits do I get by attending this course?
Certificate of Completion as a Mental Health First Aider. Standard Mental Health First Aid Manual, for any future reference. Free online Accreditation test valid for 3 years. MHFA Accreditation which can be added as a skill in resume. Added value to become a Mental Health First Aid Officer at Workplace.

Eligibility Criteria

This course is adapted from the current Indian 4th Edittion Standard Face-to-Face Mental Health First Aid Course for adults. Course specific content, health system information and resources related to the provision of Mental Health First Aid within India.
Course participants are required to be Indian residents and over the age of 18.