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MHFA India’s suicide prevention course is a half day programme to teach you practical skills to improve your confidence to provide mental health first aid to someone who is feeling suicidal.
What does the course teach me?
Suicide is a mental health crisis. By applying appropriate mental health first aid techniques, the suicidal ideation of the person can be addressed. By learning the first aid techniques you gain practical skills to:

  • look out for signs shown by people with suicidal thoughts,
  • approach them with confidence,
  • have a non-judgmental conversation about their mental health,
  • give them reassurance and
  • encourage them to get professional help

All over the world, MHFA’s suicide prevention course has impacted the lives of thousands of people.
In what format is the course taught?
The course is taught as half a day course, face to face or webinar.
Who can attend this course?
Any adult can attend this course.
What topics are discussed in the course?
The course covers discussions such as:

  • Identifying warning signs of suicide in a person
  • Have a conversation with someone experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Confidently support a person in a crisis

Why should I attend this course?
India is one of the countries which reports high number of suicides every year . Many of the suicides are preventable deaths with intervention. Most of the times the signs shown by people with suicidal ideation is not picked up by the peers and even if it recognised many of the people do not have the confidence to talk to the person. By spending half a day to learn these practical skills, you can bring a change in people’s lives around you.

Eligibility Criteria

This course is adapted from the current Indian 4th Edittion Standard Face-to-Face Mental Health First Aid Course for adults. Course specific content, health system information and resources related to the provision of Mental Health First Aid within India.
Course participants are required to be Indian residents and over the age of 18.